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The Institute of Chemistry at the University of Campinas, created by State Law No. 7655 of 28/12/62, had its Bachelor's degree in Chemistry recognized by Federal Decree No. 70732 of 06/19/72.

Through its curriculum, the Institute of Chemistry is the unit responsible for the training of chemistry professionals in higher education, and also for research activities in the field of Chemistry.

The Graduate Program in Chemistry at UNICAMP'S Institute of Chemistry was created in 1972, soon after the first undergraduate class completed its course. The need to acquire greater knowledge coupled with the shortage of Masters and Doctors in Chemistry was the deciding factor to advance a new stage in Unicamp's consolidation process.

The Graduate Program in Chemistry was being organized and consolidated over the years to become a research center of reference for research and training of new professionals in the country. The IQ / UNICAMP has had since its beginning, a single Graduate Program with two courses: Master's degree and Doctorate degree. The Master's degree program aims at enriching the scientific and professional competence of graduates. This objective can be assessed by meeting the academic activities and the development of experimental work aimed at completing the course and obtaining the title. We expect that our Doctorate degree program graduates will have broader and more comprehensive knowledge in the area, one that will allow them to pursue a satisfactory career in the field even if at an area not strictly related to the object of their doctoral thesis. Thus the Doctorate Program aims at a deeper and broader scientific and cultural training, in which the critical evaluation and the development of research within the field of chemistry are expected.

 The Graduate Program at the Institute of Chemistry offers high-level courses, comparable to the best institutions, that are open to Brazilian students who wish to complete their studies without the need to leave the country in order to obtain a Master's degree in Organic Chemistry area, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry and/or a Doctorate degree in Science. The program also welcomes students from abroad.

The faculty consists of  97 professors who are holders of doctorate degrees.

In 2019, 846 graduate students have enrolled in the program.

Seeking greater integration with the Community, the Institute of Chemistry provides services to public and private institutions, with regard to staff training, consultancy services, technical and scientific advice and development of research projects for industries.

  • Evaluation of the graduate program conducted by Capes (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel)

Maximum score (Excellence Program)  = 7